Taken on 29 April 2012, the information for passengers at High Wycombe is 42 years out of date... (photo by Tim Edmonds) Local Railways - GW&GC Joint Line resurgent

This is a gallery of pictures to highlight the variety of loco-hauled trains that can now be seen on the former GW&GCJR line through High Wycombe. In addition to the regular service of regular Chiltern class 165, 168 and 172 DMUs, after years in the doldrums the modernisation of this line, notably through reinstatement of double track and modernisation of signalling, plus extra platforms at Marylebone to increase capacity there.

For years the only regular loco-hauled trains were the 'binliner' rubbish trains serving for the landfill site at Calvert. These continue, but it was the introduction of the Wrexham services in 2008 that brought a renaissance of regular loco-hauled passenger train services. It was a great shame when Wrexham & Shropshire trains ceased in January 2011, but Chiltern has since introduced class 67 haulage on some of its services, now marketed under the 'Chiltern Mainline' name. In addition, Calvert has seen a number of other short-term traffic flows, including spoil trains from the Channel Tunnel Rail Link and the Olympic site. There have also been diversions of service from the WCML and from the GW main line, bringing a variety of trains unheard of in the recent past. The line is now resurgent and we hope you enjoy this gallery of pictures. More will be added as they become available - contributions are welcome, especially of unusual workings. Copyright remains with the photographers.

For another aspect of the joint line scene, take a look at the Steam Specials page, and don't miss the pictures of the Marlow branch and its associated lines, plus the Metropolitan & Great Central Joint Line page.

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Chiltern Mainline

67013 arriving at High Wycombe with a Chiltern Mainline train on commuter duty (photo by Tim Edmonds)

67013 arriving at High Wycombe, 10 December 2012

From the start of the winter timetable in December 2012, the stock used on the first Marylebone - Birmingham loco-hauled train of the day was used first to provide a fast commuter service from Princes Risborough, High Wycombe and Beaconsfield. On the first day of the service, 67013 approaches platform 3 at High Wycombe.

Photo by Tim Edmonds

82302 on the curve approaching High Wycombe (photo by Tim Edmonds)

DVT 82302 approaching High Wycombe, 13 July 2012

The Chiltern Mainline loco-hauled trains are branded 'Silver' and are usually made up with a class 67 at the country end and a DVT at the London end. On a bright summer morning, DVT 82302 heads the 06:55 Birmingham Moor St - Marylebone service round the curve above High Wycombe (67015 was providing the power at the back). The dome of the church of St Mary & St George, Sands is prominent in the background.

Photo by Tim Edmonds

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Wrexham Shropshire & Marylebone services

67017 and 67016 at High Wycombe

The inaugural training run to London, 22 February 2008

The first WSM crew training run over the line from Banbury into Marylebone took place on the afternoon of 22 February. The return working made a training call at High Wycombe in the gathering gloom, but as far as the man on the platform was concerned two class 67s was no more worthy of his attention than the usual fare of class 165 and class 168 units. 67017 was at the front and 67016 bringing up the rear.

Photo by Tim Edmonds

67014 at High Wycombe

67014 shows the WSM colours, 8 April 2008

The early test runs had been with locos in EWS livery, but this picture shows 67014 in what was believed to be the first outing of class 67s in the new WSM livery (67013 was at the other end).

Photo by Mike Walker

First Marylebone-Wrexham service train

The inaugural down service train at High Wycombe, 28 April 2008

Bang on time, the 06.45 Wrexham & Shropshire service from Marylebone to Wrexham approaches High Wycombe station in the early morning sun with 67014 on the front and 67012 bringing up the rear.

Photo by Tim Edmonds

First Wrexham-Marylebone service train

The inaugural up service train at Gerrards Cross, 28 April 2008

Alas the sun did not shine metaphorically on the 05.42 from Wrexham to Marylebone, which was beset with problems. Leading loco 67025 suffered from brake problems and was declared a failure at Wellington, where 67026 was moved from the back to lead the ensemble. Due to arrive in London at 09.54, the inaugural up service is seen approaching Gerrards Cross at 10.03 with 67026 double-heading 67025. Further delays occorred at Marylebone where a fresh engine was awaited.

Photo by Tim Edmonds

Down WSM service train passing High Wycombe

Fourth down train at High Wycombe, 28 April 2008

Things had improved somewhat by the afternoon, when 67014 and 67012 were back with their second and WSM's fourth down train of the day - seen here passing High Wycombe station.

Photo by Mike Walker

Up WSM train at High Wycombe with DVT leading

Up train crossing Hughenden Road viaduct at High Wycombe, 19 November 2008

The initial train services were operated using top-and-tail class 67s, but the intention was to use one loco and a Driving Van Trailer. WSMs started operation in the autumn of 2008. Here the 07.25 Wrexham - Marylebone is seen crossing the viaduct over Hughenden Road, on the approach to High Wycombe, with the DVT is at the London end. Note the lookout posted on the viaduct - some engineering activity was presumably in progress locally.

Photo by Tim Edmonds

Down WSM train at Princes Risborough with DVT leading

Down train approaching Princes Risborough, 25 November 2008

Here the 10.17 Marylebone - Wrexham has the DVT on the 'country' end. The train is slowing on the approach to Princes Risborough with 82301 (formerly 82117) leading and 67013 providing the power at the back end.

Photo by Tim Edmonds

Full WSM-liveried set passing High Wycombe

WSM set passing High Wycombe, 13 February 2010

By the beginning of 2010 the refurbishment of WSM's own coaching stock had advanced so that complete four-coach sets with loco and DVT in WSM livery became a regular occurrence. Here an unidentified DVT leads, with 67014 bringing up the rear, as the 12.25 Marylebone - Wrexham passes High Wycombe on a gloomy day when grey seems to be the norm.

Photo by Tim Edmonds

Penultimate up Wrexham train near Seer Green (photo by Chris Waite)

Penultimate up WSM train near Seer Green, 28 January 2011

Following the shock announcement on Wednesday 26 January 2011 of the sad news that Wrexham & Shropshire was ceasing operations, the last trains ran on Friday 28 January. The 07.23 from Wrexham is seen at the foot crossing near Seer Green & Jordans in charge of 67014.

Photo by Chris Waite

Penultimate down WSM train passing High Wycombe (photo by Tim Edmonds)

Penultimate down WSM train at High Wycombe, 28 January 2011

As the light fades the 16.30 from Marylebone to Wrexham, the penultimate down WSM train, heads out from High Wycombe behind 67012.

Photo by Tim Edmonds

Last up Wrexham train approaching High Wycombe (photo by Tim Edmonds)

Last up WSM train at High Wycombe, 28 January 2011

In gloom appropriate to the occasion the 13.28 from Wrexham, the last up WSM train, comes round the curve into High Wycombe behind 67013 complete with headboard.

Photo by Tim Edmonds

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Unusual workings

Diverted Virgin Trains service at Prince Rissborough (photo by Tim Speechley)

Diverted VT at Princes Risborough, 16 August 2014

Due to the Blockade at Watford for Track and Signalling renewal some Virgin Train services were diverted over the Joint. Here the 1Z22 16:05 London Euston to Birmingham International (formed of 15 coaches), approaches Princes Risborough.

Photo by Tim Speechley

Diverted First Great Western HST at High Wycombe (photo by Mike Walker)

Diverted FGW HST passing High Wycombe, 29 March 2013

First Great Western services were diverted over the Joint line over the Easter weekend 2013 while the major station reconstruction at Reading continued. Here 43020 'MTU Power, Passion, Partnership' leads the 1B20 08:20 Paddington to Swansea through High Wycombe spot on time on Good Friday.

Photo by Mike Walker

Diverted Caledonian Sleeper passes High Wycombe (photo by Mike Walker)

Diverted Caledonian Sleeper passes High Wycombe, 3 February 2012

A derailment of a Freightliner Class 90 on the West Coast Main Line on 3 February caused an empty stock working of the Caledonian Sleeper from Crewe to Wembley to be diverted onto the joint line. It is seen at High Wycombe behind 67017.

Photo by Mike Walker

Hastings DEMU passes High Wycombe (photo by Mike Walker)

Hastings DEMU passes High Wycombe, 14 May 2011

Preserved Hastings Diesel Electric Multiple Unit 1001 heads through High Wycombe on 14th May 2011 whilist on a railtour from Hastings to Quainton Road.

Photo by Mike Walker

VSOE passes High Wycombe (photo by Mike Walker)

Vience Simplon Orient Express Passes High Wycombe, 12 May 2011

The Venice Simplon Orient Express' rake of Pullman Cars made a rare visit to the line on 12 May 2011 and is seen heading through High Wycombe behind 67019.

Photo by Mike Walker

First Great Western HST diverted through Wycombe (photo by Tim Edmonds)

HST on FGW diversion at High Wycombe, 1 January 2011

The 07.30 Bristol Temple Meads - Paddington appproaches High Wycombe on its diversion via Oxford and Banbury.

Photo by Tim Edmonds

First Great Western HST diverted through Wycombe (photo by Mike Walker)

43160 on FGW diversion at High Wycombe, 27 December 2010

The closure of the GW main line through Reading over the Christmas/New Year holiday in 2010 brought HSTs from Swansea and Bristol to Paddington travelling via Oxford, Banbury and High Wycombe. Here a down train passes High Wycombe station in the aftermath of the pre-Christmas snow.

Photo by Mike Walker

47773 passing Ludgershall

47773 passing Ludgershall, 1 July 2010

47773 passes Ludgershall following the "Chiltern Centurion" steam charter for which it was acting as standby loco.

Photo by Tim Edmonds

Serco test train with class 37s passing Saunderton

Class 37s with a Serco test train at Saunderton, 16 April 2009

37609 and 37069 head through Saunderton station with a Serco test train. This was 1Z12, the 12.21 Banbury - Old Oak Common - Banbury - Derby and was running about 30 minutes late.

Photo by Mike Walker

Virgin train with class 57s passing High Wycombe

Class 57s top-and-tail a Birmingham - Wolverhampton service at High Wycombe, 31 August 2008

Work on the West Coast main line has brought some interesting visitors to the Joint Line in the summer of 2008, in the form of both passenger and freight workings. From the motive power point of view one of the most interesting workings was the 11.00 Euston - Wolverhampton service on Sunday 31 August. This was formed of a Virgin loco-hauled set with 57313 on the front and 57309 on the back, seen here in the wet at High Wycombe. The same consist formed the 18.48 return working from Wolverhampton.

Photo by Mike Walker

Diverted west coast intermodal working at High Wycombe

Diverted Trafford Park - Wembley intermodal passing High Wycombe, 23 August 2008

Some more interesting visitors were seen on freight workings. One such was 4A03 from Trafford Park to Wembley, seen here at 10.00 at High Wycombe station behind 66115.

Photo by Tim Edmonds

Up Virgin Voyager passing High Wycombe

Virgin Voyager Birmingham - Euston service passing High Wycombe, 28 June 2008

First diversions had been Voyager passenger trains, with the provision of a non-stop Euston - Birmingham service over the route. On the first day of the service, Super Voyager set 221143 leads Voyager set 221103 through Wycombe, where the train arrived early and was held as the 16.04 High Wycombe - Marylebone made its sedate progress towards the capital.

Photo by Mike Walker

47094 passing High Wycombe

47094 passing High Wycombe with LT stock, 30 April 1988

Two London Transport battery-electric locomotives, L45 and L44, at High Wycombe station behind 47094. These locos are from a batch built by BREL at Doncaster in 1973/4 and normally used for engineering work when the power is off on a section of track. Presumably they were on the way to an overhaul.

Photo by Mike Walker

55015 at High Wycombe

Deltic 50155 at High Wycombe, 10 June 1986

On 10 June 1986 there was a small display of rolling stock at High Wycombe which included preserved Deltic 55015 which is seen buffered up to an A4 (presumably 4498 Sir Nigel Gresley). If anyone has any information of what other locomotives and stock were present, please let us know.

Photo by Alan Costello

Class 122s pass at High Wycombe

Class 122s pass at High Wycombe, 29 June 1986

Also in 1986, Hertfordshire Railtours ran shuttles between High Wycombe and Thame on 29 June using two Class 122 units, which are seen passing each other at Wycombe.

Photo by Alan Costello

45064 with Withdrawn R Stock at West Ruislip (Peter Robins)

45064 with Withdrawn R Stock at West Ruislip, 22 August 1981

At West Ruislip there is a connection with LUL's Central Line which used for Underground Stock arriving and departing by rail from Ruislip Depot. 45064 awaits departure with a train of withdrawn R Stock from the District Line en-route for scrapping on 22 August 1981.

Photo by Peter Robins

Mixed liveried 115 unit in High Wycombe Bay Platform

Mixed liveried 115 unit in High Wycombe Bay Platform, C.1980

51890 sits at the head of a 4-car Class 115 set in the bay at High Wycombe circa 1980. The unit is unusual becasuse of its livery. 4 cars, 4 livery variations! All blue on 51890, blue and grey on both trailers but with a disagreement as to how deep the grey should be, and the short-lived "refurbished" white and blue on the far DMBS.

Photo by Mike Walker

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Departmental trains

Last RHTT of the 2012 season passing High Wycombe (photo by Tim Edmonds).

Rail Head Treatment train at High Wycombe, 8 December 2012

With the start of the winter timetable on 9 December, the last Rail Head Treatment Train of the season traversed the Chiltern lines on Saturday 8 December. Here the outward working to Princes Risborough is seen at High Wycombe with 66017 and 66001 top-and-tail, complete with a last day inscription written in the muck on the front of a filthy train.

Photo by Tim Edmonds

Measurement Train passes High Wycombe (photo by Mike Walker)

Measurement Train passes High Wycombe, 26 May 2011

Network Rail's track recording HST passes through High Wycombe on 26th May 2011 enroute from Paddington to Banbury with power car 43014 leading and 43014 trailing. Earlier in the day this train had worked from Derby to Paddington via Reading and on arrival at Banbury reversed and ran to Marylebone.

Photo by Mike Walker

Rail Head Treatment train at Princes Risborough (photo by Mike Walker)

Rail Head Treatment train at Princes Risborough, 15 November 2008

The Network Rail Rail Head Treatment train visited the joint line in November 2008. Here 3J44 is seen arriving at Princes Risborough from Aylesbury with filthy DRS locos 66423 and 66422 top-and-tail.

Photo by Mike Walker

Bubblecar at Saunderton

Bubblecar at Saunderton, 8 August 2008

Departmental bubblecar 960014 (formerly 55022) is seen here at Saunderton station late on a Friday morning. This was most likely a route-learning working for Virgin West Coast crews involved in diversionary workings over the joint line (see Unusual workings).

Photo by Brian Hopkinson

950001 leaving High Wycombe

Network Rail 950001 passing High Wycombe, 16 April 2008

The Network Rail Measurement Train, a converted two-car class 150 DMU, made a rapid visit to the joint line in April. It is seen here in the cutting west of High Wycombe station.

Photo by Tim Edmonds

'The Wedding Belle' charter train at High Wycombe (photo by Mike Walker)

'The Wedding Belle' charter at High Wycombe, 23 June 1984

This remarkable one-off was a charter by Tony Parkins, Chairman of the Rail Tour Operators Association at the time, to carry him and his bride from High Wycombe to Shrewsbury after their wedding. Comprising 31117 and inspection saloon KDW 150266, the train was operated by RTOA member Western Tours. Thanks to Mike for looking this one out, which was prompted by mention of the train in the '25 years ago' feature in the June 2009 edition of The Marlow Donkey.

Photo by Mike Walker

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The Calvert connection - 'binliners' and other rubbish

56312 passing High Wycombe with the Willesden - Calvert spoil train on 24 April 2013 (photo by Mike Walker).

56312 passing High Wycombe with a spoil train, 24 April 2013

A class 56 turn returned to the GW&GC Joint line in 2013, working 6Z80 09:30 from Willesden to Calvert and its return 6Z81 from Calvert at 18:26. This was a new spoil flow working 'as required' with Devon & Cornwall Railway's 56312.

Photo by Mike Walker

45077 approaching High Wycombe

45077 approaching High Wycombe with a binliner empty from Calvert, 2 March 1985

45077 enters High Wycombe from the north on 2nd March 1985 passing under former GWR semaphores removed during the route modernisation of the early 1990s.

Photo by Mike Walker

47140 passing High Wycombe

47140 passing High Wycombe, 13 December 1986

47140 passes High Wycombe with a Northolt-bound binliner working on 13 December 1986.

Photo by Mike Walker

47331 passing High Wycombe

47331 passing High Wycombe station with a Calvert-bound binliner, 4 June 1997

Class 47 47331 heads through High Wycombe with a Binliner for Calvert on 4 June 1997.

Photo by Brian Hopkinson

60040 passing High Wycombe

60040 passing High Wycombe, 16 August 1996

The binliner heads through High Wycombe on 16 August 1996 in the charge of EWS 60040.

Photo by Mike Walker

66708 passing High Wycombe

GBRf 66708 heads the 6M80 Dagenham Dock - Calvert binliner through High Wycombe, 24 October 2006

Class 66 GBRf 66708 is seen leading the 6M80 Dagenham Dock - Calvert binliner through High Wycombe, passing a 165 unit, on 24 October 2006

Photo by Brian Hopkinson

60060 passing Princes Risborough

600670 with empties for Northolt passing Princes Risborough, 25 November 2008

Class 60 power is still seen on some binliner workings. Here 60060 'James Watt' heads for Northolt with train 6A58 from Calvert and is seen after joining the main line from the Aylesbury branch at Princes Risborough.

Photo by Tim Edmonds

59204 approaching High Wycombe

Olympics site spoil train approaching High Wycombe, 14 May 2008

The landfill site at Calvert brings occasional short-term 'as required, workings. One such is the movement of spoil from the Olympics site in East London, which produced a daytime train 6Z47 from Willesden. Here the train approaches High Wycombe station behind 59204 'Vale of Glamorgan'.

Photo by Tim Edmonds

66044 passing High Wycombe

Olympics site spoil train passing High Wycombe, 13 May 2008

On the previous day the same train was captured the other side of High Wycombe station in the hands of 66044.

Photo by Mike Walker

66514 approaching High Wycombe

Calvert 'binliner' approaching High Wycombe station, 29 March 2007

One of the regular rubbish trains to Calvert that can be seen during the daylight hours is 6M22 from Cricklewood. Regular motive power is a Freightliner class 66, here exemplified by 66514 with a matching rake of wagons.

Photo by Tim Edmonds

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